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MIMTT2020: 2nd EU-China Health Summit, Day #2, Medical Imaging, Robotics and Standards: Early Session
08:00-08:30 Brussels/ 14:00-14:30 Beijing: Keynote 3 – Orphanet: Taking the next step in the management of Rare Diseases, Ana Rath, Director Inserm U14 Orphanet, France (Europe)
8:30-11:00 Brussels/ 14:30-17:00 Beijing S3: Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable (FAIR) Health Data Sets - Health technology standards and interoperability
• HL7 in China, Jingdong Li, Chair of Technical Steering Committee, HL7 China and CIO of MDRuby Technology (China)
• HL7 supports large-scale COVID-19 testing in the Netherlands, Robert Stegwee, Chair CEN TC251/ European Standards Institute (Europe)
• Interoperability in Electronic Medical Records, Xudong Lu, Professor, Medical Informatics in Biomedical Engineering Department, Zhejiang University (China)
• Translating FAIR principles to Health Care, Oya Beyan, Researcher, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technolgoy, RWTH Aachen University (Europe)
• FAIR from a European Perspective, Eva Maria Mendez Rodriguez, (Europe)
• Open Science Cloud for sharing of health data for research, Professor Li Jianhui, director for CSTCloud, Vice President CODATA (China) (TBC)
Collaboration ePoster Pitches:
• Tools for the support of data workflows in Health Research to make them Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, Celia Alvarez, Andalusian Health Service, Spain (Europe)
• Nordic Health Data Collaboration: Realising a Nordic hub for health data research and innovation, Louise Buch Rosenlund, Data Saves Lives, Lars Lindsköld, Swelife, Saara Malkamäki, SITRA, Truls Korsgaard, The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth, Mari Makinen
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Peija Haaramo, Findata (Europe)


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