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IMPCB Materials- Ventec
This webinar will focus on the critical industry need for heat dissipation through PCB laminate materials. Today’s electronic modules and components are getting smaller in size yet producing greater power output, thus generating significant excess heat that has to be moved to an additional source- heatsink or chassis. Ventec has a world class IMS (insulated metal substrate) product offering to assist engineers and designers in removing this waste heat. In addition, solder joint fatigue is a critical concern for designers as IMS finds a home in system critical applications like headlamps. Ventec has developed multiple products to not only dissipate heat from modules, but also promote strong solder joint integrity. A full overview of these products used in single layer and multiple layer applications will be shared during this webinar, followed by a technical Q & A. Please join us to learn more about Ventec's thermal management offerings!


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