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On-Demand Webinar: 3 Reasons You Need to Manage your SaaS Stack Today
Can you imagine a world without apps?

Cloud applications have become central to how we innovate in business, how we make decisions or even take actions every day. And while they’ve been absolute game-changers, the sheer number of apps we use - and the staggering velocity with which we add or swap them within our organisations - has created a dizzying momentum that makes it nearly impossible for any human to keep up.

To give some context, most organisations:

Have 300-600 cloud apps in use across various teams

Add 15-25 new apps to the mix every month

Procure apps outside of IT 75% of the time

Swap up to 50% of their app tech stack every two years

It’s no wonder IT teams are grappling with how to manage, support and protect their exploding cloud application portfolio. The truth is, IT teams are outnumbered by the cloud applications in their organisations. So how can they tip the scale back in their favour?

Join AJ Witt, ITAM Review and Chris Shakarian, Torii as they walk you through the three steps every IT team needs to follow to successfully manage their SaaS stack.

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