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Linking Science, Policy and Society in the pursuit of sustainable urban development
One of the limitations of urban development in African Cities is the siloed nature of urban planning concepts and designs. The limited interaction between Science, Policy and Societal domains in urban development, leading the precarious development, define most Cities on the continent. Even when there is some level of interaction, it is limited in its scope and nature to inspire any desired change. The lack of proactive action on urban development in Africa leading to what some scholars refer to as secondary Cities is not just about the lack of finance to roll out major infrastructure but the lack of knowledge that could inspire the new forms of change desired. The desired knowledge to bring about this change is locked up in singular domains, requiring innovative approaches to unlock. The session brings together scientist, policy and social actor to engage on the broad question of how to integrative approaches can complement each other in the pursuit of sustainable urban development in Africa.

Hosted by: ICLEI Africa, South Africa

May 26, 2021 03:00 PM in Johannesburg

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