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An educational networking event for women and men working in wholesale.
ONWARDS! Building Better People & Teams – WiW Digital Conference 2021
Join our biggest ever conference line-up offering expert advice on How to Build Better People and Teams. Whether you want personal tips to be more confident and compelling, or strategic tips to attract more diversity to your business, or recruit the best people – you will find a session to suit you. Dip in and out as you please at this full-day, free-of-charge event.

Oct 7, 2021 10:45 AM in London

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Chloe Ball
Operations Manager @Blakemore
Chloe started her career at Blakemore in an administrative role and after making huge operational efficiencies to the business, has been promoted several times to become Operations Manager at the age of 20. In her new role, Chloe manages a team of more than 150 people and is working hard to pave the way for other female leaders. Having just won the Amazon Everywoman Logistics Leader Award, she is a great ambassador for careers in wholesale and an inspiring role model for other women in wholesale.
Dominic Flanagan
UK HR & Training Manager @Costco Wholesale
Labor shortages in the UK has made having a recruitment campaign that attracts the best people more important than ever before. Dominic will cover how Costco recruits the person, not the skill. His goal is to develop future leaders for the business organically, leaders who understand and uphold Costco’s standards and Code of Ethics. Taking this approach leads to more engaged employees, reduces recruitment costs and improves business efficiency, ensuring great service for members.
Abby Guthkelch
Head of Global Executive Solutions @Facebook
New research commissioned by Workplace from Facebook reveals 65% of people say that working for an organisation with an empathetic and authentic leadership team is more important today than it was pre-COVID. But sadly there is a disconnect between how leaders think they are showing up and how they are perceived by their people when they show up. So how do you authentically show up as a leader? Abby explains the five core principles that will help you to develop your own personal digital brand of leadership style.
Steve Smith
Business Doctor @Business Doctors Franchising
Author of the only leadership book on the market with a focus on UK wholesale, Steve will identify the difference types of leaders using real-life examples from his many years in the sector. Covering everything from Imposter Syndrome to inspiring confidence in teams, Steve will leave you feeling pumped, self-assured and ready to act.
Tracey Fox
Business Development Director @Pricecheck
Pricecheck has continued its fantastic growth through the Covid-19 pandemic, with more than 100 new starters joining during that time. In its 42-year history, the business has always had females in leadership positions. Tracy has been involved in transformational change during all of her employments and has conquered many hurdles in her career. Tracey will cover the cultural changes required to champion differences across the business and attract diverse talent.
Amanda Coverdale
Country Lead, Ireland @Budweiser
Amanda has progressed at Budweiser at a rapid rate and overcame serious anxiety issues to push herself to say yes to opportunities and deliver outstanding results. She has been nominated for the Grocer Next Generation Award and will share her advice on how to keep moving forward despite emotional setbacks.
Melanie Tucker
Head of Sales, Out of Home @Graze
COVID has blurred traditional work-life boundaries, and so many of us are struggling to find the right balance in our lives. Mel will share practical tips to help you win back time and reframe your priorities to support your professional ambitions without sacrificing everything else. From forging the right network to coping strategies for when feeling overwhelmed, this session will give you actionable advice to take away.
Sue Carlton
Senior Learning & Development Manager @AG Barr
Positive attitudes to training are crucial to any business that wants to retain the best people and teams. In reality, employees can see training as a ‘necessary evil’ instead of an investment in development. Sue was the first L&D Manager to join AG Barr and has had a phenomenal impact on training engagement rates. Not afraid to tackle challenges head on, Sue help to develop everyone’s appetite for L&D and will reveal the learning approach that helped her to transform the business.
Eleanor Gooding
People & Culture Director @Boost Drinks
Every person in your organisation is a unique individual. Yet companies tend to throw general development programmes at their people in the hopes that they work for everyone. Creating a truly supportive culture of development can only work when individual needs are identified and then met, and it’s not a case of trying to offer a one-size-best-practicefits-all. Eleanor is creating an environment where the Boost offering can be built around individual needs. In this session, she will share ideas and offer practical tools on how every workplace can create a culture for individuals to thrive.
Jenny Coady
High Performance Coach @West Ham United Football Club
A male-oriented sport, the worlds of football and wholesale have a lot in common! A Masters Graduate in Sports and Exercise Psychology, Jenny is a performance coach at West Ham United women and with UK Coaching, where she works across 17 Olympic sports. She was formerly a basketball player but now helps women all over the world to overcome emotional and social pressures to be the best, focusing on delivering high performance through wellbeing. She will apply her people-centric approach to reveal how winning in sport can be translated to a business environment.