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Gentle & Effective Sleep Methods for 4-12 month olds
Join Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author of the bestselling 'The Gentle Sleep Book', for a 2 hour webinar showing you how to improve your baby's sleep WITHOUT using conventional cry-based sleep training.

This workshop is suitable for parents and carers of 4-12 month olds.

In it you will learn:
1. What does 'normal' baby sleep look like?
2. Why they wake so often at night (and how to reduce wakes)
3. How weaning onto solids and diet impacts sleep
4. How the your home's environment impacts sleep.
5. How many naps your child should be having - and when - how to tackle nap drops and how to handle naps at daycare.
6. Why your child wakes when you put them down - and how to avoid it.
7. How to stop bedsharing (if/when you want to)
8. When (and how) to move your child to their own room.
9. When - and how - to reduce nightfeeds
10. How to have a great bedtime routine that will last for years to come.

Saturday 24th October
10am - 12 (GMT)

£25 per device (2 or more people can watch the webinar from the same device/location). All tickets are non-refundable once the webinar has started.

To ask a question, please join the live webinar. It is not possible to submit a question by email before the webinar. Please note it will likely not be possible to answer all questions submitted during the event.

Please note this is a live webinar, however, should you find you are not able to attend the webinar then there will be a video made available for you to watch for 7 days after the event, via a time limited private FB group on a 'watch only' temporary basis (ie you will be unable to download or share the video). The video will be deleted at 5pm on Saturday 31st October, there will be no access to it after this time.

Oct 24, 2020 10:00 AM in London

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