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3D Thorax of child
Neuromuscular Scoliosis Part 3: Maintaining Symmetry & Mobility with Esther de Ru, Paediatric PT, Netherlands
Maintaining Symmetry & Mobility: Neuro Muscular & Syndromic Scoliosis Webinar 3 Clinic: based on science, influence gravity, expert opinion & patient feedback
In this webinar we assess and consider the bone structure and effects of gravity on the growing spine and thorax. Risk factors for pulmonary difficulties and bone health are considered and treatment options are suggested. Awareness of age of onset and bone growth related to soft tissue growth needs to be established. Problems related to central hypotonia are addressed as well as the prevention of hip migration, pelvic obliquity and scoliosis. These preventative measures need to be taken on time because of the influence of gravity during sleep and in sitting.
In this webinar the possibilities we have as paediatric physiotherapists are addressed. The various assessment tools are shown and the necessity to scrutinize the X-rays is clarified.
A number of practical treatment options are discussed and demonstrated. The need to counter gravity on the spine and thorax to preserve Quality of Life cannot be emphasized enough. A number of treatment options are mentioned only, some of which are often addressed by colleague occupational therapists. We look at various disorders as the symptoms they present will differ. We look at postural control issues, at night time positioning and the absolute need to move and be moved into various positions much more than is currently the case. Various braces, custom-made seats, custom-made standers and therapeutic positioning options are presented.
We hear the expert opinion. The need to mobilize, maintain mobility, strengthen, relieve pain and address the child with compassion and knowledge are addressed. We need to listen to parents, to empower them, to include them in our MD team, to not underestimate them and show them what they can do to make their child more comfortable. Aware of the short period of time we have to ensure that body structure is addressed we need to act,

May 15, 2021 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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