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AxxonSoft: Intelligent Video Surveillance - EMEA
Explore dimensions of AI-powered video analytics with AxxonSoft, Intel, Seagate and ABUS. Join us on Thursday June 25, 2020 at 10AM CET for the EMEA webinar in our series of Intelligent Video Surveillance to explore solutions, a must-see keynote, live Q&A, and to learn:
- What is neural network analytics and how does it differ from the classical video analysis approach.
- What kind of tasks can be solved with neural networks even today. AI analytics features used in modern VMS.
- How to maximize performance of neural network–based algorithms employing specialized hardware.
- What data storage system should be used for video surveillance with AI analytics.
Our speakers:
Kostyantyn Steblovskyy, Business Development Manager
Ediz Altun, IOTG Partner Sales Manager Video and Safe Cities
Stephen Jones, EMEA Biz Development Lead – Video Surveillance Segment
David Thompson, EMEA Enterprise Systems Sales Lead
Eugen Bondaletow, Business Development Manager
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