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Discover 100% of your Organization's Modern-Day Assets and Manage them in Realtime
Asset discovery & management within IT Ops is commonplace. However, with IT Security, you can't secure what you don't see. We have seen a major spike in recent years in working from homes, cafes and shared workspaces, making your IT assets more susceptible to breaches. Maintaining proper IT hygiene is essential to prevent attacks, and it is only possible with a next-generation asset discovery and management solution.

Join us on June 25th to learn about the type of asset management that is vital for securing today’s distributed IT estate. In this webinar, you will learn how to:
1. Discover all assets in your on-premise, off-premise & cloud networks – whether IoT; unmanaged devices; off-network, non-updated devices or otherwise.
2. Validate and align your assets with enterprise security posture policies.
3. Drill down on 100% of your software assets to understand what is installed, what is running, whether its configured properly and whether it is in use at all.

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