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Putting Sustainable Design Into Practice
Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It is a practical part of modern design and can be leveraged in a number of realistic, impactful ways. However, with an ever-evolving ecosystem of sustainable standards and products – staying on top of best practices can seem daunting to firms of all sizes and scopes.

In this session, get expert advice from a green building consultant and explore how you can take small, actionable steps to evangelize and execute sustainable design practices in future projects.

Learning Objectives

- Discover best practices for incorporating sustainability into a variety of design projects.
- Understand how designing for sustainability is an opportunity to educate and advise stakeholders throughout a building project – including owners, specification writers, contracts and occupants.
- Learn best practices for utilizing product research tools, manufacturer relationships and specification content to incorporate sustainable practices into your projects.
- Define practical sustainable goals and desired outcomes unique to your team and clients.


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