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Saturday: Yoga Flow with Kamie
This class anchors on practice of the vinyasa, or flow, which will make this class more challenging, though we will still include basic yoga poses. Poses are generally held for shorter periods of time so that transitions between poses become part of the flow. This allows for more poses to be practiced during a class. Classes integrate balance, flexibility, and strength along with breath. A specific focus of this class will be to connect to one’s self. Content and degree of challenge will be determined by the instructor based on class needs. Beginners are welcome, but knowledge of the sun salutations is a recommended.
Jul 18, 2020 09:00 AM
Jul 25, 2020 09:00 AM
Aug 1, 2020 09:00 AM
Aug 8, 2020 09:00 AM
Aug 15, 2020 09:00 AM
Aug 22, 2020 09:00 AM
Aug 29, 2020 09:00 AM
Sep 5, 2020 09:00 AM
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