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Reducing Sub-Contractor Hand Injuries: How prime contractors can improve sub-contractor hand safety
Hand injuries are the #1 preventable injury in the workplace. Despite plentiful PPE, preventable hand injuries still occur at very high rates among industries where sub-contractors are a key part of the workforce.

But, as a prime contractor, how can you achieve the compliance and accountability necessary to reduce these preventable injuries when your workforce is not exactly yours?

Join us to learn about our free hand safety program and how the primary contractors we work with are using its resources to overcome the challenges of preventing hand injuries among their sub-contractors.
• Learn how other primary contractors have built successful hand safety programs
• Get practical tips on how to build a hand safety program specific to sub-contractors
• Understand how to get sub-contractor buy-in on your hand safety program
• Ask questions live to our hand safety specialist and our special guest, a senior safety manager at a leading primary contractor in the construction industry

Superior Glove is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of safety gloves and sleeves. Their products protect workers across the globe in many major industries, including construction, oil & gas, mining, and manufacturing.


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