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New data: How ctDNA is evolving oncology patient management and drug development
This webinar will explore the rapidly evolving role of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in identifying patients at high risk of relapse and in monitoring treatment response, with significant applications for biopharma drug development and clinical practice.

Our expert speakers will discuss the latest 2022 data from ASCO, AACR, and ASCO GI
supporting the use of ctDNA across applications and solid tumor types. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the future directions and implications that can be derived from ctDNA data.

Data presented will span treatment settings and tumor types, including:

Colorectal cancer:
- Recent interim analyses from CIRCULATE-Japan, a 1,000+ patient prospective study demonstrating that ctDNA can be predictive of adjuvant chemotherapy
- Latest data from other ongoing ctDNA-guided studies, showing that ctDNA-guided therapy substantially reduced the proportion of patients receiving adjuvant therapy without compromising RFS at 2 years

Breast cancer:
- Latest I-SPY-2 data demonstrating association of pathological complete response (pCR), residual cancer burden (RCB), and ctDNA
- The full data set from EBLIS, the largest breast cancer cohort with the longest monitoring of patients with ctDNA (up to 12 years), demonstrating that serial postoperative ctDNA analysis has a strong prognostic value

Lung cancer:
- New data at ASCO demonstrating MRD detection by ctDNA is predictive of disease recurrence in stage I-III NSCLC patients undergoing definitive radiotherapy, and may help identify patients who would benefit from systemic therapy intensification.


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