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Speed up your Vault with VaultSpeed - success through automation
In this Webinar we take a closer look at Data Warehouse Automation and how easy it can be implemented. First, we will break down the basics of Data Warehouse Automation. Then we will show how Data Vault 2.0 can contribute to successful Automation on the basis of a sample COVID-19 data set showing vaccine and infection numbers. Lastly, Vaultspeed will give a demonstration of their tool that implements our suggested model using the data set thus showing the viewers how “simple and easy” VaultSpeed as a Data Warehouse Automation tool is.

This webinar is for everyone who wants to learn about Data Warehouse Automation and a sneak peek into VaultSpeed.
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Hoa Le
Consultant @Scalefree International GmbH
Hoa has been working for Scalefree since 2020 and has been supporting our experts and customers in various projects. His focus lies in the automation of ETL and Data Modeling processes using the tool DBT and Pentaho Kettle. He has completed his Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics with a focus on Business Intelligence.