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TIME + DIVERSITY: How beliefs about time impact inclusion, equality, and power
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PRODUCED BY: Carmel Moore and Martin Boroson, The One Moment Company
SPONSORED BY: Mobius Executive Leadership

* Sonia Watson, OBE, Chief Executive, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust
* Louis Kim, Vice President, 3-D Printing, Hewlett Packard
* Ricardo Sunderland, Partner and Executive Committee Member, Egon Zehnder
* Sandra Weng, Executive Coach; former management consultant, BCG

The factors that rule work--such as compensation, value, fairness, punctuality, performance, and productivity--are based on beliefs about time.

Many of these are derived from Western culture in the industrial era--a time when labor was manual, owners were white, workers were men, and ‘work’ was outside the home.

But time is not the same for everyone.

Beliefs about time vary greatly from one culture to another. And in a diverse workforce, people may have different rhythms, ‘time needs’, and ‘work ethics’. They may value time--and its many varieties--in different ways.

This webinar is for leaders, coaches, consultants, and diversity/inclusion practitioners. It will be an initial exploration of a vast topic, but one that has proven particularly potent in our training programs in Time Mastery.

With work changing so quickly these days, perhaps now is the time to rethink the rules of time. Can organizations create new rules of time that will honor diversity, make the workplace more inclusive, and guarantee equality?

If you really care about diversity, time is where the rubber meets the road.

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