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A Climate of Insecurity for COP 27: How the West has Militarised and Impoverished the African Continent
** L'interprétation sera disponible en anglais, français et arabe.**

How is the West militarising the African continent, and why does this prevent countries in the region to adapt to climate change and ensure the well-being of its people? Join us in the second webinar of our series “A Climate of Insecurity for COP27” where we will explore how military alliances such as NATO and US AFRICOM are militarizing the African continent.
Africa is the continent hit hardest by the climate crisis and is already experiencing severe droughts, desertification, worsening heat and water and food insecurity. Instead of helping Africa adapt and become more resilient, the US and NATO allies are exporting arms, training security forces, conducting destabilizing military operations and increasing tension causing a climate of insecurity across the continent.

Moderator: Tamara Lorincz, WILPF Environment Working Group Convener
Speakers: Abayomi Azikiwe, Pan-African News Wire
Edwick Madzimure, WILPF Zimbabwe
Mpiwa Mangwiro, WILPF South Africa

In solidarity with the Month of Action against US AFRICOM” #ShutDownAFRICOM

For more information, see WILPF International website: https://www.wilpf.org/calendar/a-climate-of-insecurity-for-cop-27-how-the-west-has-militarised-and-impoverished-the-african-continent/

Oct 4, 2022 07:00 PM in Paris

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