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Webinar: Panel Discussion - The Yazidi Genocide and the Importance of Memorializing History
In 2014, ISIS waged a genocidal campaign against the Yazidis and ethnoreligious minorities indigenous to Iraq. The campaign that took place across the Sinjar region and Nineveh plain sought to erase the Yazidi community from Iraq altogether. About 30 years prior, the Ba’ath regime lead by Saddam Huessein committed atrocities against the Kurds in what today is known as the Anfal Genocide.

Memorials and monuments serve to preserve historical memory, educate future generations, and provide a basis for ensuring that past atrocities do not repeat themselves.

The Iraqi parliament has passed the Yazidi Survivors Law which outlines, among other policies for restitution, the construction of a monument recognizing the Yazidi Genocide. Today, implementation of this law has not been realized.

In this discussion our experts will discuss the atrocities that have taken place across the region, outline the importance of memorializing the past and how it contributes to future generations’ ability to recognize and prevent atrocities.

Ryan D’Souza - Director of the Nobody’s Listening & consultant for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide.

Salwa Saido Omar - Yazidi survivor from Sinjar and a member of the C4JRs Survivors Council. She is featured in Jiyan Foundation's short film "Lalish Meets Halabja".

Dr. Mirza Dinnayi - Yazidi Human Rights Activist; 2019 Laureate of AuroraPrize for Awakening Humanity, - Founder of the House of Coexistence & German-based NGO Luftbrücke Irak (Air Bridge Iraq)

Sooran Mohammed Faraj - A survivor of the Halabja chemical attack during the 1980s known locally at the "Nadia Murad of Halabja:, Ms. Faraj advocates for her people and works at the Halabja Monument educating tourists on the history of atrocities in her homeland. She is featured in Jiyan Foundation's short film "Lalish Meets Halabja".

Aug 8, 2022 05:00 PM in Baghdad

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