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Tool Tip Wednesday with Crowdmark
Join the Crowdmark team each week to learn about a different feature or workflow to maximize your Crowdmark usage. New or experienced users welcome!

March 8th, 10am EST: Getting the most out of Crowdmark's grading tools. The team will demonstrate the most innovative ways our instructors use Crowdmark to grade to ensure your team is ready for grading midterms.

March 15th, 10am EST: Question randomization in Assigned assessments. Learn how to create and grade randomized questions in online assessments.

March 22nd, 4pm EST: How to improve student success using Crowdmark. Learn about how Crowdmark can encourage students to engage better with class materials, reduce anxiety and improve outcomes.

March 29th, 4pm EST: Printing, Scanning and Uploading Best Practices for Administered (paper-based) assessments. The Crowdmark team will share tips and tricks to reduce upload errors and maximize auto-matching and auto-grading.

April 5th, 4pm EST: Managing grading teams using Crowdmark. Learn about how Crowdmark can help you and your teams stay organized and efficient.

April 12th, 4pm EST: Moving from online to hybrid assessments. Learn how to use the Assigned assessment workflow in class for a digital submission.

April 19th, 4pm EST: Paper-based Multiple Choice Questions. With automatic grading and in depth analytics, learn how you can use Crowdmark for multiple-choice bubble sheets.

April 26th, 4pm EST: Interested to hear about Crowdmark's new interface, this session will highlight the differences between the Classic and New interface.

May 3rd, 4pm EST: Learn about Crowdmark's accommodation options.
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