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Transform & Automate Customer Communications Migration Using the Power of AI
The modernization of legacy content and customer communications management (CCM) systems is a key step in enabling organizations to both increase efficiency and improve customer experiences. Unfortunately, the manual processes required to migrate content to new, modern CCM systems are a critical barrier to success and require multi-year projects that cost millions of dollars.

Until now.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming these complex processes for organizations, dramatically accelerating content migration initiatives and resulting in better outcomes, cost reductions and improved customer communications. Join Kaspar Roos, CEO at Aspire Customer Communication Services, and Patrick Kehoe, EVP of Product Management at Messagepoint, as they outline how to leverage AI to automate and improve the processes of content migration, tagging, consolidation and optimization.

In this session you will learn how AI can be used to:

• Move beyond lift and shift initiatives to optimize content as of a migration
• Fully automate key content migration processes
• Scale migration initiatives to levels unachievable with manual approaches
• Substantially reduce the cost of migration initiatives


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