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NABJ's Black Male Media Project Presents How They See Us | Powered by TEGNA Foundation
This is an NABJ initiative designed to accurately reflect the contributions of Black males in the media, and promote networking, mentorship, and professional development of Black males working in the media.

This event is designed to take an honest look at how Black males are viewed in stories and within the newsrooms. It is a thought provoking conversation with Black men who have worked in and closely with the media and those exposed to the glaring light of media coverage. We explore how news shapes and reflects the way Black men are viewed and how to overcome obstacles presented when we understand How They See Us.

Hosted by Bill Whitaker, CBS News

Wesley Lowery, CBS News
David White, SAG-AFTRA
J. C. Watts Jr., Black News Channel
Deon J. Hampton - Cincinnati Enquirer



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