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Is the AI revolution empowering the scientist?
Artificial intelligence and machine learning continues to develop how we discover and overcome challenges in drug discovery and suggests a promise to transform the path to clinic with accelerated timelines, exploring areas of drug space not previously attainable and in turn having the potential to reduce costs of bringing a drug through early discovery.

Has this ideal delivered on its hype? Join us to hear viewpoints from AI thought leaders and drug hunters, on if AI is delivering and how it has the potential to transform the way we navigate drug discovery.

Discussions will include:
Confronting the challenges around AI and its adoption. Has the promised revolution caused AI to have an unsettled beginning?
What is AI/ML trying to achieve in early drug discovery? What is the ultimate goal and how should we measure success?
Why bringing together AI/ML engineers together with traditional drug hunters will transform the discovery of tomorrows therapeutics.
Charles River and Valence have entered a strategic relationship with the ambition to accelerate their clients drug discovery pipelines. Charles River provides a discovery engine from early discovery though development with Valence overlaying their platform for AI-enabled drug design.


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