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Energy efficiency for businesses: how to cover the upfront costs
Energy Solutions Oxfordshire (ESOx) is the complete energy efficiency service helping organisations lower their energy use, while saving time and money.

We know that not every business has the money to put towards energy efficiency work, and that this can often be a barrier. That's why, as part of the ESOx service, we're able to support organisations with low-interest loan and other financing opportunities to pay for upfront costs - with the savings made to your energy bills covering the loan repayments.

In this webinar Alex Rathmell of EnergyPro Ltd will give an overview of how the financing works for energy efficiency projects through Energy Solutions Oxfordshire. We'll then be joined by a couple of finance companies who will run through their options to give an idea of how it works in practice and the options available.

Sep 30, 2020 12:00 PM in London

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