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The problem created by Persons Unknown, Injunctions and PSPOs
The High Court has recently held that the Court cannot grant a claimant local authority final injunctive relief against two forms of “Persons Unknown”, either against persons who are not, by the date of the hearing of the final injunction, regarded as parties to the proceedings (“newcomers”), or alternatively, contra mundum (against all persons generally). In this webinar Ranjit Bhose QC and Kuljit Bhogal will explain Nicklin J's decision and whether PSPOs might offer an alternative solution.

- An explanation of the High Court's judgment in L B Barking & Dagenham v PU factual context what did Nicklin J decide and why where does this leave situations where you have unidentified Defendants?
- PSPOs, what are they, when can they be used and how they could help in creating space-based solutions?

Jun 15, 2021 10:00 AM in London

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