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Music Careers Re-imagined - Navigating the Ever Changing Music Business Webinar Series
Webinar Series - The Road Map to Having a Successful Music Career Presented by Bandtwango

You can totally be a successful independent artist these days and do it all yourself, if you know what to do. Over the few weeks, this webinar series will dive deep into topics like crowdfunding for your career, how to use the money, how copyright can be applied once you start navigating your career and so much more. Join Greg Riggle, Carl Allocco and Nicole Hoglund for an educational and informative journey on what a successful music career can look like in todays modern world.

The schedule for August/September are below and all webinars will be held at 12pm CST (and subject to change). Please pick from the list below, which webinars you want to attend, based on the order below:

Webinar 1: Publishing & Licensing 101 - complete (replay available)

Webinar 2: What is a PRO and which one is right for you - complete (replay available)

Webinar 3: SYNC Opportunities - how and why they are important - complete (replay available)

Webinar 4: Is a Record Label/Deal really what you need? - complete (replay available)

Webinar 5: Q&A with the experts - complete (replay available)

Webinar 6: The importance of good legal advice in the music industry - complete (replay available)

Webinar 7: How Distribution has changed over the years - complete (replay available)

Webinar 8: Do you really need a marketing promo agency to be successful? 8/11

Webinar 9: The difference between LIVE performances and LIVESTREAM-ing. 8/25

Webinar 10: What is Crowdfunding and how to utilize it as an artist - 9/8

Webinar 11: The Music Marketplace and how it all ties together to having a successful strategy - 9/22

Webinar 12: Confidence in Being an Artist and how it translates to Success. TBD
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Webinar is over, you cannot register now. If you have any questions, please contact Webinar host: Nicole Hoglund.