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Data Quality and the Research Process: Ensuring Insights Integrity
Ensuring data quality has always been one of the biggest challenges facing marketing research. Over the past couple of years, organizations have been putting a greater focus on data quality – from brands and organizations demanding better quality from suppliers to sample companies implementing new technology and techniques to help mitigate or prevent poor quality. Ensuring high-quality data goes beyond technology to identify bad respondents in-survey. Data quality needs to be addressed at every stage of the research process.

At EMI, we take data quality seriously. We tackle data quality at all stages of the research process and build solutions that are proven through our Research-on-Research testing process.

Register for our upcoming webinar, Data Quality and the Research Process: Ensuring Insights Integrity, to learn about some of the latest findings on data quality from our Research-on-Research, and how to tackle data quality holistically.

In this webinar, you will learn:
• Perceptions and behaviors and how they tie back to data quality
• Data quality differences by device
• Factors that impact data quality
• How to look at data quality throughout the entire research process
• And much more!


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