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Equitable Research 101

Apr 27, 2021 05:53 PM

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Lindsey Rasie
Senior Experience Researcher @Adobe
As a researcher for 11 years across multiple industries, user connection has always been at the core of her work. Consistently striving to unlock key insights about consumers and technologies, Lindsey has helped build many products using research as the foundation. In her time as a researcher, she has been inside homes and she has been inside phones - briefly stepping inside the lives of those she interviews. She has watched other people watch movies and watched people shower (in bathing suits!) - to understand more about human behavior. She has traveled far and wide and pulled all-nighters to watch sessions from all around the world - all in the name of understanding not just users, but people. In the end, companies build products for people. People are the north star.
Laurel Coco
Senior Experience Researcher @Adobe
For over 10 years, Laurel has employed various research methods to impact both physical and digital products from conception to launch, always maintaining a keen empathy for users’ needs and experiences. Her work has included studying a broad range of human endeavors, such as how toddlers play with educational toys, how world travelers go about planning trips, and how artists create. She especially enjoys qualitative work, exploring possibilities and confirming hypotheses— or pursuing paths that take unexpected turns— all leading to insights that help create new and better experiences for people.