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Webinar: "authoritarian regimes using COVID19 to curb civic rights, labour standards and women’s rights"
In the context of the WIDE+ series: “COVID19 and care: feminist reflections on a new normal”, this online webinar reflects on how authoritarian regimes and elites are using the insecure and uncertain situation during the pandemic to advance the state's monopoly on the use of force, militarization and de-democratization to further marginalise and exclude part of the population, downgrading women, indigenous people, LGBTIQ people and poor classes to secondary citizens with high risks to their livelihoods and lives.

Poland is an outstanding example how the state instrumentalised the COVID19 crisis to adopt a strict abortion law against the declared will of the majority of its female citizens. In El Salvador there was a further militarisation and instrumentalisation of women. In Indonesia and India new labour laws were introduced to accelerate the economic recovery at the cost of labourers. At the same time, women report that these drastic measures of securitisation and surveillance do not provide them with protection in the frequent cases of sexualized violence. In Ghana, the pandemic has also impacted the undermining of LGBT+ rights.

The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted one of the main tenets of feminist economics, namely the central place of care for societal and economic wellbeing. This webinar series addresses the gendered impact of COVID and recovery measures on the unpaid & paid care, global care chains and women’s rights including sexual and reproductive rights.

The third webinar is moderated by Christa Wichterich, a researcher, activist and author that is currently also teaching at the University of Kassel.

The full bios of all the speakers can be found at our site: https://wp.me/p2KSLS-1Po
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