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Accidents, Active Threats, and Attitudes – Navigating Hazards to Keep Our Customers and Teams Safe!
While smash-and-grabs, active threats, and pandemic fallout have dominated the headlines, the slips and falls, merchandise risks, and hazardous materials opportunities, are even more common—and collectively all of these events contribute to the liabilities that face everyone in retail and can have significant impact on the bottom line. It takes a communal effort and a shared mindset across the entire organization to make safety the number-one priority for customers and coworkers. Simply making a statement on safety or writing a good policy is not nearly enough. Engaging the associates to make them an active advocate is key, but it takes creativity to capture and retain the focus on safety to keep it front-of-mind on the front line. Join us for a discussion with two industry leaders who live and breathe “safety” as we share the successes, and the lessons learned, to drive success in keeping stores safe.


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Hank Jones
Director of Safety and Hazmat @Lowe's Home Improvement
Hank Jones is the director of safety and hazmat at Lowe's Home Improvement, holding more than 26 years of subject matter expertise and leadership as a safety professional.
Tina Baumann
Senior Manager of Safety and OSHA Compliance @Kroger
Tina Baumann is the senior manager of safety and OSHA compliance at the Kroger Company. Over the course of her 25 years with Kroger, she has held a number of diverse leadership roles in addition to her safety expertise.