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Vince Battista - Traditional Saltwater Fly Demo
Vince Battista is a human biologist, contributing writer for American Fly Fishing, and man behind the Waterdog Flies -- a new project to conserve and restore traditional or "forgotten" fly patterns for New England's native fish.

For his tying session, Vince has selected of a few different rain bait patterns that are effective, small, and fast to tie with materials you probably have laying around. Flies and materials below:

All flies use a Sz 1/0, 1, or 2 O'Shaugh. (e.g., L254, L253)

Hairwing Jack Straw
- Thread: White (at least 120 D)
- Tail: Cream or White bucktail with a pillow under a matching saddle; all tied flat.
- Flash: Gold or Silver Flashabou
- Body: Flat body braid in Silver, Pearl, or Gold
- Underwing: White bucktail with sparse flash of choice
- Half-Collar: sparse white bucktail
- Wing:
----- Blended wing: 4:1 blend of bucktail (Peach, Sunburst Yellow, Cream, etc., to Tan, Yellow, or Golden Olive)
----- Solid wing: Peach, light orange, etc. bucktail
- Eyes: Jungle cock nails or Faux JC

Back River Special
- Thread: Tier's choice
- Prop: Bucktail, tier's choice
- Tail: Two opposing saddle hackles, tier's choice; all tied flat (first one cupped up, the second tied longer and cupped down).
- Body: Palmered hackle
- Eyes: Jungle cock nails or Faux JC

Baby Bondo [FYI I have no idea what this fly is actually called, who came up with it, or where I've found it but I've been fishing it for 5 years now and it's wicked productive).
- Thread: White
- Prop: Chartreuse bucktail with pillow
- Tail: Thin chartreuse saddle under thin pearl lateral scale
- Body: Silver or pearl flat body braid
- Collar: Sparse full collar of marabou, either in a dubbing loop or tied on but not wrapped.
- Under Wing: sparse clump of pearl krystal flash or pearl wing-n'-flash
- Wing: light blue or blended light blue and lavender bucktail

Mar 17, 2021 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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