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New Multibody Dynamics for PTC Creo Interface for Simplified and Automated Flexible Body and Contact Modeling
The new MBD for Creo Interface (CRIX) automates and simplifies the workflow of moving data from Creo to RecurDyn. It is very fast and easily exports an assembly from Creo, the summary of geometry, as well as all the joints associated with the geometry, into RecurDyn. Working with contacts in RecurDyn improves the ability to model springs, gears, bearings, and many other industrial applications. Key advantages to this new interface include:

• Easier to start modelling - transfer joints created in Creo directly into RecurDyn
• Preserves assembly structure
• Avoid duplicating work – if joints are available in CAD, they shouldn’t need to be recreated in the MBD model
• Keep geometry up to date – no need to remember or find your (or other's) geometry changes
• Improved process reduces clicks by 90%

Join us to see this new interface in action!


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