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The year ahead: insights on the future of Digital Identity in Aotearoa
2021 is an important year for digital identity in Aotearoa. We will be welcoming some significant legal and regulatory changes with the introduction of a Trust Framework Bill, as well as a statutory review of AML/CFT legislation, evolution of the Consumer Data Right discussion and the real-life implications of the enhanced Privacy Act. It will also be an important year to ensure that the ecosystem we are collectively fostering is inclusive, equitable and mana-enhancing to all.

In our first webinar of the year we have invited some wise advisors to share their thoughts on the year ahead of us. We’re delighted to be joined by:
• David Morrison, Chair, Digital Identity NZ
• Tony Eyles, Digital Identity Transition Programme, DIA
• Diane Joyce, Women in Identity Executive
• Janelle Riki-Waaka, Executive Council member, Digital Identity NZ
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