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Explaining IGA: a brief technical introduction to IGA, U-splines, and Flex IGA
Coreform aims to radically accelerate the engineering process through its Coreform IGA isogeometric analysis software. Coreform's own U-spline and "Flex IGA" technologies are critical to enabling this new approach to simulation.

In this sixty-minute webinar, Coreform's Greg Vernon will give a technical introduction to U-splines and the Flex Representation Method (FRM or Flex IGA).

This is not an application-focused webinar, but is focused instead on the underlying math and geometry descriptions that enable Coreform IGA to work. Coreform is building an IGA solver from the ground up, working closely with partners in the automotive, defense, and nuclear energy industries. Coreform is led by engineers and physicists who are deeply curious about how things work. This isn't a product demo, but rather talking transparently about our methods. If this sounds like your idea of an interesting way to spend an hour, please attend!


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