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African Athletics in Times of Change: From Grassroots to the Global Stage
July 11, 2020 @ 3:00-4:30 GMT
This third roundtable aims to bring together athletes, coaches and officials from across the continent to discuss:
The state of athletics  across the continent (including infrastructure, athlete development, and local and elite competitions) as well as in high-profile locations, such as Iten, Kenya and Bekoji, Ethiopia.

Athletic aspirations: How aspiring athletes break into the international arena, including the institutions and connections that facilitate international success as well as the type of training necessary for athletes to rise to the top.

What can be done to ensure that more athletes and all those involved in the sport earn a decent and sustainable living?

Women’s athletics: The state of women’s athletics, including both opportunities and challenges (financial, social, cultural, political)

Community ties and development: How does successful running lift up particular communities and to what degree, and in what ways, are athletes obligated to give back to support the community

Funding, doping, and politics
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