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2022 Joint Pre-ECTRIMS Workshop

Van der Valk Zuidas Hotel
Tommaso Albinonistraat 200 1083HM
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Scientific Agenda

Welcome & Opening
9.30 G. Comi (Italy) and F. Lublin (USA)

Session 1: Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
Chair: G Comi (Italy)

9.45 L1 – Updated MS immunology
A. Bar-Or (USA)

10.05 L2 – New Diagnostic and prognostic aspects
M. Tintorè (Spain)

10.25 L3 – Emerging treatments for relapsing and progressive MS
G. Comi (Italy)

10.45 L4– Remote monitoring in MS
L. Leocani (Italy)

11.05 Q&A

11.25 Coffee Break

Session 2:Epstein-Barr virus in MS
Chair: G Comi (Italy) and H. Lassmann (Austria)

11.45 L5 - Epidemiology
A. Ascherio (USA)

12.05 L6 - Immunopathogenesis
F. Aloisi (Italy)

12.25 L7 - Possible interventions
H. P. Hartung (Germany)

12.45 Q&A

13.05 Lunch

Session 3: Controversies in Multiple Sclerosis Care

How MS Patients Develop Disability: Our New Understanding of the Role of Relapses and Progression
Chair: F. D. Lublin (USA)

14.10 L8 – PIRA - What is it? How Does it Develop?
L. Kappos (Switzerland)

14.30 L9– Developing Disability - Reassessing the Spectrum of MS
F.D. Lublin (USA)

14.50 L10– Visualizing the Clinical Course of MS Over Time
S. Krieger (USA)

15.10 L11 – Imaging Progressive Disease
M. Inglese (Italy)

15.30 Q&A

15.50 Scientific Update on Bruton Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors to Improve Outcomes for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

**Supported by an independent educational grant from Sanofi

B.M. Greenberg (USA)

16.50 Wrap up

17.00 End of the day
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