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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Post-Racialism: Paul C. Taylor in conversation with Adam Ferner
The Philosopher journal presents "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Post-Racialism": Paul C. Taylor in conversation with Adam Ferner

In this conversation with Adam Ferner, distinguished philosopher Paul C. Taylor will consider some of the key questions in philosophy of race: What is race-thinking? Don’t we know better than to talk about race now? Are there any races? What is it like to have a racial identity? And how important, ethically, is colour blindness?

On the way to answering these questions, he will take up topics such as mixed-race identity, white supremacy, and the relationship between the race concept and other social identity categories. Finally, Taylor will explore the racially fraught issues of policing, immigration, and global justice, and the implications of the political upheavals of the past decade, from the election of Donald Trump to the global upsurge in anti-immigrant populism.

Paul C. Taylor is W. Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy Chair of the Philosophy Department at Vanderbilt University. His research interests include race theory, aesthetics, pragmatism, social and political philosophy, and Africana philosophy. His books include "Black Is Beautiful: A Philosophy of Black Aesthetics" (2016) and "Race: A Philosophical Introduction", of which the third edition will be published in December by Polity.

Adam Ferner is a freelance writer, editor and educator, whose books include: "Think Differently" (2016), "Philosophy: Crash Course" (with Zara Bain and Nadia Mehdi, 2018), "How to Disagree" (with Darren Chetty, 2018), and "The Philosophers’ Library" (with Chris Meyns, forthcoming). adamferner.com

Dec 7, 2021 07:00 PM in London

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