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Data Science: Examples of how to get started and being part of a coding competition
Following the recent competition hosted by the AI Crowd (with Actuartech as one of the sponsors); where competitors acted as an insurance company - building a pricing model and competing against other players (other "insurance companies") for profit. In other words, the player that maximises competitive profit was the winner.

In this webinar, we will be talking to one of the organisers and one of the competitors (and third place winner) on their journey with data science; the lessons learnt through this competition and more broadly.

We will also look at what is necessary to have in a competition so that it can have the three required components of being educational, allowing community engagement and of course, being fun.

We will be looking at lessons learnt and themes to get involved in data science.

- Valerie du Preez, Founder Actuartech
- Ali Farzanehfar, Lead Graduate Teaching Assistant at Imperial College London
- Edwin Graham, Data Scientist UK Underwriting and Pricing, RSA Insurance Group.

“This event can count towards your IFoA CPD requirement if you consider that you have learned something relevant to your current or future actuarial work or professional development, that it addresses a personal development need and has an identifiable learning outcome”


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