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How to measure corporate innovation in a large enterprise
Corporate innovation webinar series by Bruno Pešec: Innovation manager's secrets to success

How can organisations measure innovation in a meaningful way, without stifling creativity and tripping on bureaucracy?

For the last couple of years, Dan Toma and I have been closely collaborating on cracking the above question.

Join us on July 1st, when we will discuss an innovation accounting system that consists of three layers:

- Strategic innovation accounting, focused on measuring organisation's ecosystem.

- Managerial innovation accounting, focused on measuring innovation funnel.

- Tactical innovation accounting, focused on measuring teams.

Above elements are rooted in organisation's culture, structures, and capabilities.

We'll be taking questions during the webinar as well, but might not have enough time to answer them all.

If you type your question in the "Questions & Comments" box below I guarantee we'll address it during the webinar.

Jul 1, 2021 08:00 PM in Oslo

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Bruno Pešec
President @Pesec Global
Dan Toma
Founding Partner @Outcome