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Distinguished Speaker Series Presents Sheriff Richard Mack
Richard Mack, former Sheriff of Graham County, AZ, is a powerful, experienced speaker, a strong advocate of states’ rights and individual freedoms. Sheriff Mack’s years as a lawman and his dedication to the American ideals of freedom make him a unique and influential voice for liberty. You’re invited to hear him speak about the County Sheriff Project, the Oath of Office, citizens’ personal freedoms and the importance of the office of Sheriff to defend those freedoms.


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Richard Mack
Former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona @Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)
Author, speaker and former Sheriff Richard Mack has served in a wide variety of roles over the course of his nearly twenty year career in law enforcement, which began in Provo, Utah. He was sheriff for two terms until 1997. Sheriff Mack currently teaches, consults and empowers people around the country and around the world. He started the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) which educates both citizens as well as sheriffs and other peace officers on the Constitution and their limitations of power, according to the Constitution.