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This webinar, will include a discussion on Radiology Department preparedness for COVID-19. The webinar will include discussion about radiology preparedness for post-peak recovery & reopening. Additional discussion for low resource rural areas or developing world will be included.

There will be a 5 minute presentation by each panelist followed by a Q&A.

We hope that radiologists across the globe can come together to prepared and fight this pandemic. We are in this together.

Here are the panelists:
1. Dr. Cheri L Canon, Chair, Radiology, University of Alabama
2. Dr. Dushyant V Sahani, Chair, University of Washington
3. Dr. Alex Norbash, Chair, Radiology, UCSD
4. Dr. Neil J Halin, Chair, Radiology, Tufts Medical Center
5. Dr. Dieter R Enzmann, Chair, Radiology, UCLA
6. Dr. Reed A Omary, Chair, Radiology, Vanderbilt Medical Center
7. Dr. Pallav Kolli, Associate Chair, Radiology, UCSF

Please send any questions to admin@health4theworld.org.
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