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Impact Investing: ESG/C-PACE/Brownfield Remediation
ESG and Impact Investing have been in the news a lot lately. Have you heard about it but wondered exactly how it is applicable to you and your properties?

The answer is increased valuation and the potential to add material, positive and quantifiable enterprise value to your properties/portfolio.

Find out more in a complimentary webinar sponsored by Enhanced Capital.

At its core, impact investing is about striving to create impactful and sustainable investment opportunities that produce favorable environmental, social, and governance results while delivering attractive financial returns.

For a property owner, that means recognizing the material impact that intangible values contribute to tangible enterprise valuation. This webinar will help you understand how to quantify/measure the impact of various ESG elements inherently involved in responsible investing.

Specific areas to be discussed where utilizing ESG/Impact Investing and financing can lead to increased valuations:

- Renewable Energy Tax Credits
- Historic Tax Credits
- New Markets Tax Credits
- Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
- Brownfield Remediation
- Opportunity Zones

- Michael Korengold, President & CEO, Enhanced Capital
- Dusty Dickerson, Managing Director, Enhanced Capital
- Ian McCulley, Director, Enhanced Capital

- Peter Neumeier, Director, Enhanced Capital

Sponsor info:
Enhanced Capital’s Impact Equity Strategies finance projects with tangible community, social, and environmental benefits. Enhanced sources, diligences, and executes transactions across multiple incentive programs to provide private capital to public policy initiatives. Enhanced works with investors to repurpose their tax liability to generate a return through tax credit investments across the following programs: solar ITC, historic RETC, NMTC, LIHTC and others. Enhanced Capital is active in Opportunity Zones and offers C-PACE financing as well.
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