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Gold: “The Rise of Precious Metals in an Uncertain World” Webinar by Djakarta Mining Club
Moderator: Ben Lawson, Vice Chairman, Djakarta Mining Club

Speaker: Rajiv Biswas, Chief Economist Asia, IHS Markit
• How is the Global Pandemic and Uncertainty in Financial Markets Driving World Gold Demand and Prices?

Panelists for Panel Discussion:
• Ben Lawson, Vice Chairman, Djakarta Mining Club
• Rajiv Biswas, Chief Economist Asia, IHS Markit
• Tim Duffy, Vice President Director and CEO, PT. Agincourt Resources
• Neil Whitaker, CEO and Managing Director, Nusantara Resources Limited
• Raziel Zisman, Partner and Leader, Sustainable Governance Initiative, Whittle Consulting

Topics for Panel Discussion:
• An Investors View – Why Gold?
• Future of Gold Exploration in Indonesia – What is the potential?
• Mining Operations – Designing Sustainable Mining Operations for future price cycles
• What approach should miners be taking in response to a higher gold price?

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