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Official N4G Side Event - Accountability for action: Breaking down barriers to strong commitment making
Building on the momentum of the upcoming Summit, the Global Nutrition Report (GNR), Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI) and RESULTS UK (RUK) will host an N4G side event focused on engaging all stakeholders in a discussion on the importance of accountability, specifically challenging the idea of accountability as a barrier to progress.

To kickstart the event, the GNR will present its Nutrition Accountability Framework, the world’s first independent and comprehensive platform for registering SMART nutrition commitments and monitoring nutrition action. Following this, ATNI will present on the role of accountability in ensuring progress from the business sector and Results UK will share with audiences the role of accountability in supporting and bolstering advocacy.
The session will then move to focus on hearing directly from constituency leads, each lead will be invited to share examples of where accountability is driving positive action and will have the chance to engage in a lively moderated discussion chaired by ATNI.

There will be a live illustrator present to capture the discussion and bring to life the story of accountability for nutrition.

For questions relating to this side event, please contact: Mathilde Chiesa mathilde.chiesa@results.org.uk
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