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Net Zero . . . so, what next? - FIDIC’s State of the world report series
Net Zero. It could be argued that we have only just begun, but such ambitions were set decades ago. Yes, to hit a target you first have to create one and to reach that target you have to gain acceptance, political support, industry support and then delivery through all related activity. FIDIC, as the global voice of engineering and infrastructure, asks not only what is next but we also provide the next global target. This target not only helps to achieve our current trajectory but also sets the kind of ambitions the engineering sector and humanity should be proud to achieve. We go beyond Net Zero and ask “what next?”

Find out more about what comes next after Net Zero by attending the launch of “Net Zero . . . so, what next?”, the sixth report in the FIDIC State of the World series.

FIDIC State of the World webinars

FIDIC’s new State of the World series of reports will be launched on 18 February 2021 at an online event introducing the first report which will highlight the scale of the investment challenge facing the global infrastructure sector. In order to meet the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG), trillions of dollars of investment will be needed in infrastructure going forward and our first report outlines the scale of the challenge facing the construction and infrastructure industry. Recognising the urgent need by most governments to kickstart the national economy after Covid, FIDIC’s future thought leadership reports in the State of the World series will cover the key issues of water, resilience infrastructure, net zero, smart contracting, and digital transformation. Each State of the World report will be launched as part of a webinar series, the details of which are outlined in the link below.

Oct 28, 2021 12:00 PM in Zurich

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