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Complimentary Webinar: Managing Medical Device Vulnerabilities Efficiently
Effective vulnerability management for medical devices requires organizations to understand how to assess risk and prioritize their mitigation activities within the context of the threats to the devices in their specific environment. Organizations must first understand their environment by having high fidelity visibility, assets appropriately identified and fingerprinted, and an understanding of device criticality and sensitivity from a business and patient impact perspective. Organizations must not only understand their environment but what controls, practices and processes exist. Efficient vulnerability management works when teams utilize more than just security tools to identify and triage applicable vulnerabilities, they have a collaborative, well-documented risk management approach, track their efforts, and prioritize based on defined factors conducive to their program.

This webinar will lightly touch on the security tools and how they are used in the vulnerability management process for medical devices but also discuss what elements are needed for context-rich assessments, prioritization, how to track efforts and move the needle when it comes to vulnerability management.


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