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MAKING HISTORY- Marking the 50th Anniversary of the 1971 May Day Protests


May 1, 2021 04:18 PM

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Skip Blumberg
Skip Blumberg, producer, filmmaker, camera journalist, artist, and video pioneer, has made many hundreds of productions so far over his 50-year career: on the web with 3,000,000+ views, including on www.SkipBlumberg.com and MoreArtistsMovies.com; in permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and other U.S. and European museums; on Showtime, PBS, Disney Channel, National Geographic TV, and TV channels internationally; He appears on screen in the documentary features “Here Come the Videofreex,” “TVTV: Video Revolutionaries,” and "Other People's Footage" (about fair use). Recently, Martin Scorsese used his footage in “Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review” and Fran Liebowitz's "Pretend It's A City." To view Skip’s newest short smart phone movies, please visit SkipsNewMovies.vhx.tv.
Parry Teasdale
After Videofreex Parry Teasdale worked as a video consultant on Wall Street, oversaw a cable origination channel and was a programming consultant in cable franchise proposals in Los Angeles and Chicago. In 1979. Invited by former TVTV principal and Task Force director Michael Couzens, Teasdale advised the Federal Communications Commission Low Power TV Task Force that led to the adoption of the Low Power Television (LPTV) Service (this was concurrent with nationwide growth of cable TV and the internet was in its infancy). Teasdale’s report, appended to the final rulemaking, was based on Lanesville TV, the Videofreex unlicensed pirate low-power TV station in Greene County. Teasdale and Couzins then started an LPTV consulting firm called The Television Center, also publishing the LPTV Reporter newsletter. In 1985 Teasdale began writing and then editing the weekly newspaper Woodstock Times in Woodstock, NY. Videofreex (Black Dome Press), his memoir of Lanesville TV, was published in 1999.
Carol Vontobel
When Videofreex disbanded Carol worked in social services while raising three amazing daughters. She eventually earned her master’s degree in Social Work from SUNY Albany and worked as a dialysis MSW for many years. Her video “A Portapak Conversation” produced in collaboration with Parry Teasdale and David Cort was screened at the Women’s Video Festival in Buffalo, NYC and San Francisco