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The Truth About Trauma: An Understandable Introduction to Trauma & PTSD
Trauma changes everything.

The impact of traumatic experiences can touch every aspect of our lives including relationships, work, parenting and overall well-being.
For many, difficulties rooted in trauma and PTSD, lead to cycles of anxiety and depression that can be hard to understand and even harder to break out of.

Join Registered Psychotherapist, Bonnie J. Skinner, as she offers a clear introduction to trauma, the impact it can have on our physical and mental health, and what it takes to recover.

This webinar provides an easy-to-understand framework for those who want to know more about trauma and PTSD without having to dig through piles of medical terminology and confusion.

Bonnie will answer need-to-know questions such as:

What causes trauma?
How can trauma impact behaviour?
Does trauma really change the brain?
Can trauma cause anxiety and depression?
How do can I heal from trauma?
How can I help someone who has experienced trauma?

Understanding trauma can help us better care for ourselves and those we care about.

Live Q & A included!

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