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Technical Evidence of Attacks on Ukrainian Government Infrastructure
A recent attack involving threat actors attempting to attack Ukrainian government infrastructure happened on one of our deception environments last week. These actors exploited the **CVE-2021-4034* vulnerability in an attempt to run commands as privileged users. In this webinar, we will discuss an in-depth analysis of this attack with our team of experts.

Join Nicole Carignan, CounterCraft Customer Success Manager, and David Barroso, CEO, as they discuss the attack, go into detail on the TTPs, and talk about the possible implications going forward for the financial sector and critical infrastructure.

Attendees of the webinar will also receive:
+ The current intel from the attack
+ A download of the observables and scripts associated with the incident
+ Updates in your inbox on further intel from this continuing deception campaign

Time: 11am ET | 5pm CET


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