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Sketch Comedy: Laughs and Live Drawing with Ben Clanton, creator of the Narwhal & Jelly Series
It’s Narwhal’s favorite time of year! From finding the perfect gift, to eating tons of waffle pudding, Narwhalidays are filled with lots of fun and even a few special surprises. Join us as we celebrate Narwhal’s favorite season with his best friend Jelly and the rest of the gang! We might even get to see the Merry Mermicorn during the celebration. We’ll hear Ben Clanton read from one of his newest books, talk all about creating Narwhal and Jelly, how the duo came to be, and more. Plus, we’ll even get to see a live drawing demonstration and get audience input about what animal mashups you want to see! Delightful for a classroom visit, this presentation is for readers of all ages, and the perfect place for them to ask questions of their favorite author!


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