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Building a Successful Indie Publishing Team: How and When to Get Started
This enlightening webinar identifies the pillars of an indie publishing team and tips to maximize book launch results through partner-collaboration. From design to production to publicity, hiring the right team—and one that works well together—helps authors, publishers, and service providers alike prepare and execute a winning publication plan while following a “traditional” model on their own terms. Complete with helpful handouts and insider perspective from seasoned industry professionals, this session touches on how and when to engage and activate your publishing team, tips to ensure collaboration and communication across team members, and top considerations for cohesive strategy.
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Corinne Moulder
Vice President, Business Development @Smith Publicity
Corinne Moulder is the Vice President, Business Development at Smith Publicity. Preceding her role in business development, she worked as a book publicist for nearly seven years which introduced her to the reality of the relentless and creative nature of the book publicity industry. Now managing accounts that range from imprints from the Big Five, budding and established small presses, bestselling traditional and indie authors, and breakout debut writers, Corinne values publication processes from pre- to post-launch and understands the need for strategic, impactful publicity timelines. Corinne speaks at national trade events, local writers’ conferences, and industry events.
Bethany Brown
Owner @The Cadence Group
Bethany Brown is the president of The Cadence Group, a design, editorial, project management, and book coaching provider to the publishing industry. The Cadence Group is an a la carte service provider and customizes each program to meet an author’s or publisher’s goals. With a background in traditional publishing by way of Adams Media and Sourcebooks and over a decade of working directly with authors and small presses, Bethany understands the challenges (and benefits!) facing self-publishers and indie presses today. She lives just outside of Chicago with her husband, Steve, and her dog, Popeye.
Gwyn Flowers
Owner @GKS Creative
Gwyn Flowers, an avid reader and designer, has a deep passion for cover art and book design. In 2007, after fifteen years in the design, advertising, and printing industries, she went full-time with GKS Creative, now an award-winning, thriving design firm. Her creative talent combined with her eye for detail ensures a books greatest possible chance of success. With the design of several bestselling titles under her belt, she prides herself on professionalism, creativity, and availability for her clients. Gwyn lives near Nashville with her husband, Julian, and two dogs, Ellie and Lizzie.