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Free Webinar: Southeast Asia SAM Community – Topic: Audit Defence
With the average cost of a software licence audit settlement approaching a half million USD, businesses need a strategy to manage their software assets and defend against software audit risk.

Join our upcoming expert panel discussion designed for the Southeast Asia SAM community. Use this unique opportunity to bring your very own questions and audit concerns directly to our panel of experts. Leave the session with new insights and recommendations to improve your SAM practice.

Your hosts are Martin Thompson from the UK analyst firm The ITAM Review, SAM solution provider USU, and licensing specialists from FisherITS.

This special event is a great opportunity to join your industry peers in a community discussion, and stay updated on the latest Software Asset Management trends for 2021.

During the session, our expert panel will answer live questions and discuss:

Software vendor audit methodology
Unique audit defence tactics for “high risk” vendors and how to manage them
Combining SAM tool data and licensing expertise for audit defence
Why prevention of risk is better than the cure

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